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Fit Island is all about bringing people together in cyberspace. When physical proximity is impossible and you need more than two people together, conventional methods are poor. Although originally conceived as a way of supplying coffee and doughnuts to attendees of the Global e-Conference on Fit, many other uses suggest themselves to us. One of these is a reading group that exists across boundaries. In thinking about such a reading group, we've realised the fantastic potential that Fit Island offers. Imagine, there is no reason whythe author cannot be present. What better way to promote your new paper? What better way to clarify your meaning? What better way to improve your citation rate!?

Once the conference is done and dusted, we plan to organise monthly reading group sessions where we invite an author to be present (and coontribute) whilst we discuss his or her paper. We hope to include 'classics' along with new publications. Watch this space for more details - probably at the start of 2009.